The ARM is the premier designation for all risk management professionals. It helps you enhance your risk management skills by teaching you how to build and implement a balanced risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrid solutions.

For yourself

  • Set yourself apart with the technical knowledge needed to design a risk management program for hazard, operational, financial and strategic risks.
  • Solidify your reputation as a key contributor to your organization’s success by making smarter financial decisions through the application of cash flow analysis to hazard and financial risks.
  • Boost your career opportunities with a technical knowledge of business continuity management, and accident and system safety analysis techniques.
  • Demonstrate your technical knowledge of Risk management to your employers and your peers.
  • Show how you are committed to your organization’s success by developing its financial flexibility through an advanced knowledge of how to transfer risk to the capital markets.

For your organization

  • Develop your ability to identify, analyze, and treat risks by utilizing proven risk management and statistical analysis techniques
  • Develop your ability to accurately assess and treat organizational risks, including supply chain, cyber, social media, climate change, reputation, and regulatory risks
  • Make smarter business decisions by learning to design and implement retention, transfer and hybrid risk financing techniques.
  • Expand your ability to handle complex needs with technical knowledge of loss forecasting techniques and alternative risk transfer (ART) programs.

RISC Institute is a recognized sponsoring organization with The Institutes. The trainer, Mr. Silvan Said ACII ARM, is a recognized course leader with The Institutes.

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Who should pursue this qualification.

  • Supervisory, and management staff who currently work in a risk management function of any organization
  • Supervisory, and management staff in governance, compliance, risk management and internal audit function of insurance and financial services firms.
  • Underwriters, surveyors, risk managers, insurance brokers and insurance purchasing executives in non-insurance firms.
  • Personnel who aspire to move to a career into governance, risk and compliance functions of insurance cmpanies or other financial institutions
  • Personnel working in inspections and supervisory functions with regulating authorities who wish to understand how their licencees can effectively manage risk.

The programme assumes a basic knowledge of business management, finance and economics. As a minimum, particpants should hold relevant professional diplomas or bachelor degrees

The courseware, exams and lectures will be in English thus a good understanding and communication skills in English are required.(al least an IELTS levels 6 or higher.)

What you need to earn this qualification.

To earn the Associate in Risk Management designation (ARM) ™ learners must complete the three core modules below and The Institutes' ethics test.

ARM400 Risk in an Evolving world
  1. The Changing Risk Environment
  2. Risk Management Today
  3. Risk in an Organization
  4. Detecting Risk
  5. Holistic Risk Governance
  6. Leveraging Data
  7. Organizational Checks and Balances
  8. Successful Compliance Strategy
  9. The Resilient Organization
ARM 401: Holistically Assessing Risk
  1. Identifying Risk
  2. Analyzing Risk
  3. Leveraging Risk Models
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making
  5. Preparing for Hazards
  6. Cyber Risk’s Hidden Threats
  7. Uncovering Operational Risks
  8. Preserving Reputation in the Digital Age
  9. The Risks Behind the Numbers
  10. Protecting the Supply Chain
ARM 402: Successfully Treating Risk
  1. Risk Treatment Basics
  2. The Role of Insurance in Risk Treatment
  3. Alternative Risk Financing Strategies
  4. Protecting Intellectual Property
  5. Risks on the Move
  6. Navigating Legal and Regulatory Risk
  7. Internal Controls and Operational Risks
  8. Protecting Capital
  9. Optimizing Risk for Strategic Advantage
Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance

In addition to the three core modules, candidates must also complete The Institutes' Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance course. The topics covered in this course include:

  • Supporting Professionalism
  • Insurance Professionals and High Ethical Standards
  • Ethical Responsibility to Groups, Dilemmas, Case Studies
  • Ethical Theories and Decision-Making Tools
  • Barriers to Ethical Decision Making
How you will learn

At RISC Institute we are committed to help you succeed in your pursuit of learning and earning higher qualifications to enhance your career prospects. For us, your learning journey for the ARM qualification is not simply a limited number of hours with face to face interaction but one whole year of collaboration and interaction through blended learning.

Blended Learning is an educational format that combines instructor-led training (face-to-face or through a live virtual classroom) with a range of online activities and resources that you complete during your private study time. It has the advantage of extending the learning experience beyond the classroom giving you a much longer interaction with the tutor through e-learning activities and resources available on the RISC Institute portal.

Furthermore, trainees will be organized in teams to work together to solve assignments, apply solutions and engage with other teams in the course. This leads to deeper learning and develops higher-level thinking, better communication, team building and leadership skills.

Below are the learning resources and activities you will get

In-class Interaction

120 hours of Structured face-to-face instruction with PowerPoint presentations covering all the syllabus for each unit

End of topic quizzes with audience response system

Thought provoking in-class case studies working in teams

Boot Camp for each unit (virtual session)

Private study time

Video recordings of the live classes

Online viewing of powerpoint presentations

End of topic quizzes

Assignments consisting of short answer questions with tutor feedback

Tutor moderated Q & A forum for each topic

Knowledgebase with links to further learning resources

Grade Book

Mobile app

Group Dynamics

Announcements and exam information

Discussion Boards


Profile sharing

Customer help line

Whatsapp group

In addition to the above classroom sessions, learning resources and activities from RISC institute, your enrollment with The Institutes for the ARM Designation includes an online reading course, assignment quizzes, practice quizzes, mock exam, printed course book and one examination sitting per unit.

How you will be assessed

Each unit will be assessed through a Multiple Choice examination delivered online by The Institutes. Virtual exams are timed. You will have 65 minutes to complete 50 questions.

The Institutes Designations' exams are available in four testing windows throughout the year as follows:

  1. Quarter: January 15 – March 15
  2. Quarter: April 15 – June 15
  3. Quarter: July 15 – September 15
  4. Quarter: October 15 – December 15

The course will be scheduled so that you may take the examination soon after the bootcamp for the respective unit.

Once you have completed the three core units, you will need to complete The Institutes' online course Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance to be awarded the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) ™ designation.

How much time do you need to dedicate.

The ARM designation is a professional internationally recognized diploma level course and requires that you dedicate sufficient time for attending classes and completing the learning activities and resources that we make available to you for your private study and revision.

You will therefore need to commit about 40 hours to live classes or inteactive video lessons and a further 60 hours of private study for each of the three core units throughout your whole journey to complete the course.

Who will deliver the course
Mr. Silvan Said ACII, ARM, Chartered Insurance Practitioner

Founder and Managing Director, RISC institute

Mr. Said is a senior risk and insurance executive with over 40 years experience in the industry. He has been actively involved in talent development for the insurance industry since 2002, consulting and delivering courses in the GCC, Malta, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Mr. Said is an Asscociate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. He is also an accredited Advanced General Insurance Trainer with the CII. He also holds the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation from the American Institutes for Casualty and Property Underwriters (The Institutes). Mr. Said is a recognized Course Leader by the Institutes for their designation courses.

Over his nearly fifteen years experience in the GCC, Mr. Said has developed a deep understanding of the training and development needs of the insurance market in the GCC. In March 2015, he established RISC institute and it quickly became a leading training institute for the risc management, insurance and capital markets industry.

RISC Institute today reaches audiences from the GCC, Arab and African countries through its online courses. Mr Said also hosts and conducts face to face workshops for all levels of insurance industry professionals from Governance, Risk and Compliance for board directors, through to technical courses in underwriting and claims in most classes of insurance as well as induction and foundation courses for new joiners in the industry.


checkmark Learn how to use the risk management process to empower an organization to confront threats and help maximize opportunities

checkmark Effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to refine and implement holistic risk management strategies

checkmark Improve your decision making by using technology-generated data to see the bigger picture of your risk management strategies