The CII Diploma will provide you with a firm understanding of insurance fundamentals and will enable you to build towards advanced technical knowledge, thereby ensuring you have the means to function effectively in a challenging environment. By completing this qualification, you will be able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of insurance principles, products and practices and apply them within your role. You will also be prepared to progress to the CII Advanced Diploma in Insurance.

Successful candidates are also eligible for the professional designation DIP CII subject to membership and continued professional development.

Enrol into our High Achievers diploma programme and get world class tuition and continuous online support along your journey to the diploma.

Assuming that you have already completed your Certificate in Insurance, to earn the Diploma you will need to complete two compulsory and two elective units at diploma level from across the CII insurance qualifications framework.

We provide a programme consisting of a bundle of four courses to help you progress from Certificate in Insurance to the Diploma in Insurance. These add up to 100 credits at diploma level which, together with your 45 credits from your Certificate In Insurance will make up the required credits. Each course covers a CII diploma unit. You must complete the two compulsory units and any two of the elective units that we offer courses for.

There is no particular order in which you have to complete the four units. You can enrol into our High Achievers Diploma Programme by joining any one of the courses when it starts. We usually hold the courses in a cycle, meaning that we start and finish one (it takes about four months) and a month later we start the next. Scheduling a unit depends on the number of enrollments.

We currently offer two modes of structured learning for units in this programme:

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Blended learning with Live Virtual Classes
Blended learning is an educational format that combines live classroom interaction between you and the tutor and a range of online activities and resources that you can complete during your private study time. The live classes consist of powerpoint presentations, discussions, quizzes and case studies with a professional experienced tutor in the subject matter. Sessions are held weekly. Blended learning provides the benefit of a fixed timetable and schedule for completion.
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Self-Paced Learning
These courses contain interactive video lessons that cover the learning objectives sequentially. They are presented by the same professional tutors and are truly interactive using H5P technology that keeps you engaged by requiring you to answer inline multiple choice quizzes or fill in the blanks as you go through the video. You are provided with instant feedback on your answers and your scores are saved to your gradebook.

Self Paced study is convenient and cost-effective for those who prefer to set their own schedule. If you have the self-discipline to follow your own timetable to the end, then this would be a suitable option. For those who need to sign up to a timetable with a group, go for blended learning with live virtual classes
What you will get with our blended learning courses with Virtual Live Classes.

Tutor Interaction

Structured Live Classes with PowerPoint presentations

Weekly Schedule

End of topic quizz with audience response system

Thought provoking in-class discussions

Boot Camp (Live virtual session)

Tutor moderated Q & A forum for each learning objective

For your private study

Interactive video lessons

Case studies

Online viewing of powerpoint presentations

Practice quizzes with feedback

Knowledgebase with links to further learning resources

Grade Book

Mobile app

Group Dynamics

Topics fora

Frequently Asked Questions


Profile sharing

Customer help line

Whatsapp group

What you will get with our self-paced courses.

Private Study

Interactive online lessons

Case studies for reading

Practice quizzes with feedback

Knowledgebase with links to further learning resources

Grade Book

Mobile app

Group Dynamics

Frequently Asked Questions

Topics fora


Profile sharing

Customer help line

Whatsapp group

First of all, when you enrol into your first diploma course you are automatically eligible our High Achievers Diploma programme benefits. Here is how the pricing works:
  1. The regular price for each course in the programme is AED 4,570 per course for Blended learning and AED3,780 per course for self-paced, VAT inclusive. This price does not include the CII registration for the mixed assessment and textbook.
  2. You will pay the regular price for each course when you enrol into it. If there is a promo when you enrol into a course, you will get the benefit of that promo for that course only.
  3. When you enrol into your last (fourth) course, you will get a discount of 75% of the enrolment fee for that course.
  4. Furthermore, if you have earned your Certificate in Insurance (Cert. CII) through our blended learning bundle programme (three courses), you will be entitled to a voucher of AED1,000 that can be used against the enrolment fee into your first diploma course.
  5. We guarantee to hold the price for the four courses at the regular price of your first enrolment (excluding promos or discount vouchers). This price will hold for three years
  6. You may pay each enrolment fee in three monthly instalments. Terms and Conditions (and charges) apply.

The next blended learning course will be M97 - Reinsurance and will start on Thursday 18th April 2024. Classes will be held every Thursday from 17.30 to 20.00 GST (UAE Time) (includes 30 minutes break). Enrol now to secure your place in the group.

If you choose self-paced learning, you may start with any course (subject to availability) and you will be immediately enrolled in the course as soon as you have completed the enrolment process and payment. You will gain six months access to our learning resources and activities and can complete the course at your own pace.

profile image

Mr. Silvan Said ACII, ARM, Chartered Insurance Practitioner

Founder, Managing Director

Mr. Said is a senior risk and insurance executive with over 40 years experience in the industry and is an Advanced Technical Insurance trainer accredited by the CII. He has been actively involved in talent development for the insurance industry since 2002, consulting and delivering courses in the GCC, Eastern Europe, MENA region and Malta.

Over his fourteen years experience in the GCC, Silvan has developed a deep understanding of the training and development needs of the insurance market in the region. In March 2015, he founded RISC institute and it quickly became the undisputed leading training institution for the insurance industry in the region both in terms of attendance numbers and qualified students.

Check out his profile here.

We are so glad you asked that. We want all our students to succeed and forge a learning path for their career advancement.

Once you complete the Diploma in Insurance, you can take the next step and start your journey towards the Advanced Diploma and the coveted ACII designation.

Check out our ACII Diploma Programme here

How long is the tuition?

RISC provides the 50 to 60 hours of live virtual classes (for blended learning) split into sessions of three hours each session, every Saturday but skipping every fourth saturday.

How long is the access to e-learning?

Six months from enrolment for each course.

Where can I take the online MCQ exam?

You may take the exam by remote invigilation or at the physical exam sitting that we organize on a regular basis at the end of a group. Contact our customer service to find out about other locations in other countries.

What is a bootcamp?

The bootcamp is scheduled after the tuition is completed and a week of study and revision. It is designed to test knowledge that you already have so you must prepare for it. The session is approximately four to five hours depending on the number of questions in the actual exam. During the session, the trainer will present multiple choice questions onscreen, and you will use the audience response system to give your answer. After each question, the trainer will explain the reasons for the correct choice. The questions are in the same format and distribution across learning objectives as the CII exam specifications. Your score is logged and entered in your gradebook or sent to your sponsor on the next working day. We strongly recommend that the actual exam is taken about a week or two after the bootcamp and you have had the time to prepare your final revision.

Is this course offered in Arabic?

Not yet.

How do I pay for enrollment?

First, click the Enrol Now button on the page for the relative course and you will be able to select some options and see the exact cost for enrollment depending on the options that you choose.

You can then make the payment by credit card using our secure payment gateway which is our preferred method and the only way you can pay where installments are available. Alternatively, you may make payment by bank transfer, wire transfer, cheque or cash (UAE only) by send a proforma invoice to your email address. (A proforma invoice is a preliminary invoice which you can use to make payment by bank transfer, wire transfer or cash. It includes detail of the course, a breakdown of costs, the total amount payable and instructions where to send payment. This document does not commit either us or you to the enrolment until we have received payment.) If you wish to make bank or wire transfer, our bank details will be on the pro-forma invoice. Pls inform us with the transaction reference when you have done so.

If you wish to make payment in cash, you may deposit the cash at any RakBank ATM (within UAE) using the account details on the pro-forma invoice. You may then send us a picture of the receipt.

Please note that no installments are available for payments without credit card and your enrollment will not start until the payment has been credited to our bank account.

What discounts do you offer?

Our prices are pitched to make our courses accessible to as wide an audience as possible whilst maintaining sustainability of our operations. Therefore, the price shown is final. However, we do offer the following structured discounts:

  1. Refer a friend: you can refer this course to friends or colleagues by using the “Referral Rewards” block on the top right of this page. If any of your friends enroll, we will provide you with AED50 cashback up to a maximum of AED500.
  2. We have the special pricing for if you take up the four courses that make up the qualification.
  3. A group discount of 5% is available if three to five participants are enrolled by a company or organization. The discount increases to 10% if the number of enrollees is greater than five. We require a stamped and dated purchase order from your company and the fees will be invoiced to the company and payment must be made in full before the course starts.
  4. If the number of enrollees from the same company is more than 10, then we recommend contacting our customer service or one of our training advisors to get a quote.
  5. We offer a special discount of 25% of our course fees for those enrollees who live and work in a low GDP country, similar to the CII. You can check if the country that you live and work in is on that list here.
  6. And remember, if you pay the full fees upfront, you will save 8% installment charge.

And there we thought that our prices were final! But we are here to help you succeed so we are also willing to make a little sacrifice.

Can I pay by installments?

Yes, we offer installment payment for the course fee but not the exams and VAT. The number of installments is three for each course, payable monthly.

Installments are available subject to a payment agreement which is registered on your credit card when you enroll. Please make sure that your card has the necessary balance on the due dates. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for payments that are not honored as well as suspension of access to our classes and e-learning course.

This is an extra service which we provide which carries both risk and increased administration costs. Therefore, we trust that you will not find our installment charge of 8% on the balance after the first payment unreasonable.

We offer these installments based on your honour and integrity which is the first rule of conduct for insurance professionals and we take this very seriously.

Are there any extra charges?

No, we are very transparent in our charging and pricing. You can click the Enrol Now Button on this page and select your options to have a detailed price breakdown. (Enrolment only becomes effective when you have paid.) The only extra charge which you may have to pay is for a re-sit of the exam, if unfortunately, that would be the case.

Oh! We should mention that we may make an administration charge if any of your installments are not honoured on the due date. We think that is only fair.

What are the RISC terms and Conditions for enrolment?


  • You are expected to conduct yourself as you would in a professional working environment
  • You are to respect the privacy of others and treat all others with respect.
  • You are not to share any of your user access credentials to our systems and portals.
  • You are not to share or distribute any of our intellectual property or that of third parties supplied on our portals.
  • RISC reserves the right to suspend your access to our services due to non-payment of any amounts due to us, abuse of our system, misconduct or infringement of our intellectual property rights.
  • In case of cancellations, you can read our Cancellations and Refund Policy here..
  • You may review the full terms and conditions here..
What are the technology requirements and apps for participating?

Once you enrol you will be provided an e-learning account to RISC Institute’s portal. It will be sent to you in a WELCOME PACK containing the access details and set of instructions to navigate the portal, systems to be used and accessing Virtual Classroom. We use Microsoft Teams to conduct the live classes. You may join using any device. MS Teams is available as a web application, desktop application or mobile app. A microphone is essential, and we would love to have you participate using your webcam.

Our e-learning platform is an integral part of this website accessible from any browser. You can also download the Moodle mobile app on Google Play store or Apple Store and follow the class on the move.

During the sessions, we use a web-based audience response system which you can access using any browser from any device, however we recommend using your mobile device for this. Please note that company firewalls and proxy servers may cause some problems with the Audience Response System. therefore prior to starting the course and may require special arrangements by your I.T. department. To test if you can access the system go to from your preferred device. If it is accessible, you will be asked to enter an event code. You will be given this code and a password when you enroll.

Should you have any issues, learner support is available at any time during office hours and for the first sixty minutes of each session. Sessions are opened 15 minutes before scheduled start.

What customer service and support do you provide?

We are a bona fide training institute incorporated and based at the DMCC freezone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are properly licensed as a training institution with the knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.

We have a reputation that we are proud of which we have built since we started in 2015 through our hard work by offering excellent customer service and excellent training quality. We aim to protect and build on that reputation.

Our customer service and learner support team is available from 08.30 to 5.30 (GST) Monday to Friday. You may contact them on +97143839083 or send an email to We also offer learner support during the first 60 minutes of each session even during weekends.

Furthermore, we have a team of Training Advisors who work during flexible hours and who are always willing to guide and support you to make the right choices, provide you with information and help you to enroll. If you wish to contact a training advisor, leave a message on the live chat applet on this page and one of them will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who should take this course

  • Insurance technicians, and those who aspire to be technicians
  • Supervisors, team leaders and those with long-term ambitions of assuming managerial responsibilities
  • Supervisory and middle management and who aim to progress to higher levels of management
  • Insurance staff employed in support functions wishing to develop their knowledge of the business
  • Those wanting to develop their knowledge and understanding as part of a progression towards completion of the Advanced Diploma in Insurance and Chartered status.

What you will earn

On completion of all four units, you will earn 100 CII credits at diploma level. Together with the 45 credits that you would have earned on completion of your Certificate In Insurance (Cert. CII) qualifcaton, you would meet the completion requirements to be awarded the Diploma In Insurance by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Furthermore, as a diploma holder, you will be entitled to use the designation "Dip. CII" in your business correspondence, subject to membership and continued professional development.

The credits earned also count for completion of the Advanced Diploma which is the next step after the Diploma.

How you will be assessed

These units are assessed through a coursework assignment and an on-line multiple-choice exam. (mixed assessment)

Once you purchase the CII enrolment for each unit, you must complete and pass your coursework assignment within the first six months and pass the MCQ exam within eighteen months. There is no required order in which you complete the two papers but the deadlines must be met. This includes all re-submissions of coursework or re-sits for exams. It is a requirement of the course to finish within the enrolment period, passes from one component of mixed assessment cannot be carried over to another session.

Pass marks may vary from examination to examination to take account of the relative difficulty of examinations presented to candidates, ensuring that the pass standard remains constant.

How much time you need to dedicate

This really depends on you and which learning method you choose. As a minimum we recommend that you set aside 200 hours per subject over four months of which 60 hours will be guided learning through our Live Virtual classes or our Interactive video lessons for those who choose self paced. The rest should be private study for practice quizzes, assignments and further learning resources and activities that we have prepared for you.

The important thing is to keep the pace. Make sure that you can dedicate at least 3 hours each week for lessons and about 12 hours for private study. Schedule the hours and stick with your timetable.

We recommend that you work through the coursework assignment as you go through our lessons rather than wait until the end of the course before starting your assignment.

The reinsurance subject M97 is one module of the full diploma in insurance, which is a technical qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry. It is also the logical progression from the certificate in insurance.

The Dip CII will provide successful participants with a firm grounding in insurance and will enable the achievement of technical knowledge, thereby ensuring they have the means to perform effectively in a challenging environment. In addition to being a valuable qualification in its own right, the diploma can also be a milestone toward the completion of the advanced diploma (ACII).

Fundamentals of Risk Management (M67) explores how people and organizations can anticipate and deal with risk and uncertainty. How a formal structure can help to identify risks, establish how often they are taken, and measure potential consequences if risks materialize. You will understand risk management, how risk taking can be avoided or reduced, and what can be done to soften the effects when a risk goes wrong.

Insurance Law provides candidates with an insight into the laws which underpin the operations of insurance. It is about enabling candidates to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the laws which form the background to the operation of insurance, the system within which these laws operate and are administered and apply knowledge and skills to practical situations.

The aim of this unit is to provide the learner with an understanding of the core principles relating to insurance business and finance. Covering such areas as the structure of the global insurance market place, corporate governance, role of various functions within the insurance firm, accounting principles and practices and analyzing financial ratios, it prepares the candidate for career progression as he or she moves up the corporate ladder into a managerial role.

The objective of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of Commercial property and business interruption.

The objective of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of Liability insurances practice.

Liability Insurances (M96) focuses on assessing and managing liability risks; employer's, public and product, specialist and directors' and officers' liability, and; professional indemnity insurance.

Liability insurance provides an indemnity to the insured in respect of their legal liability to other parties. Such obligation to reimburse a third party must arise as a consequence of a breach by the insured of certain rights of the third party. The main purpose of liability insurance is to compensate the victim and at the same time to protect the wrongdoers from the financial consequences of their negligent acts or omissions, breach of statutory duty, and trespass or nuisance, with the added benefit of having a professional party (the insurer) handling the claim.

Enrollment Info:
  1. Understand the identification, evaluation and management of liability risk.
  2. Understand the main considerations of liability underwriting.
  3. Understand the risks, cover and practices of employers’ liability insurance.
  4. Understand the risks, cover and practices of public and products liability insurance.
  5. Understand the risks, cover and practices of directors’ and officers’ liability and corporate reimbursement insurance.
  6. Understand the risks, cover and practices of professional indemnity insurance.

Download the full syllabus from the CII website

profile image

Mr. Silvan Said ACII, ARM, Chartered Insurance Practitioner

Founder, Managing Director

Mr. Said is a senior risk and insurance executive with over 36 years experience in the industry and is an Advanced Technical Insurance trainer accredited by the CII. He has been actively involved in talent development for the insurance industry since 2002, consulting and delivering courses in Malta, Eastern Europe and the MENA region.

Over his twelve years experience in the GCC, Silvan has developed a deep understanding of the training and development needs of the insurance market in the GCC. In March 2015, he established RISC institute and it quickly became the undisputed leading training institution for the insurance industry in the UAE both in terms of attendance numbers and qualified students.

Check out his profile here.

Interact with the tutor

30 hours of Guided Learning Hours through Virtual Live Classes

Weekly Schedule

Over 150 end of topic practice quizzes

Case studies and assignments

Grade Book

Boot Camp (Live virtual session)

Private Study

Interactive online lessons

Short videos explaining key concepts

Online viewing of powerpoint presentations

Practice exam with feedback

Links to further learning resources

Live class recordings

Mobile app

Group Dynamics

Discussion fora


Group work

Profile sharing

Customer help line

Whatsapp group

CII registration

CII Digital learning materials (ebook)

CII Revision mate

In-house CII exam schedule

Remote Inviglation (optional)


Special discounted price applicable only until 31 May 2020

This price is inclusive of 5% VAT.

A non-refundable admission fee of AED 1,000 is payable upon registration to confirm your enrollment. This fee will be deducted from the total programme fee. For further information, see our Cancellation and Refunds Policy.

Enrollments are subject to our Terms and Conditions

Cert CII Brochure

Liability Insurances (M96) counts towards a Diploma in Insurance. It may also count towards the Advanced Diploma in Insurance. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding if liability insurances to build a successful career in the insurance profession or support function. You can download the CII's qualification brochure for further details.