Organizational Learning management System

RISC Institute's Organizational Learning Management System (OLMS) product is an online portal for client organizations that simplifies the process of identifying role competencies for employees, plan their learning and development paths, deliver e-learning or face-to-face training and track their progress.

The OLMS is designed to enable client organizations to build a smarter workforce possessing the knowledge, skills and abilities to gain a competitive advantage.

Our Learning Management System is built on the Moodle platform and customized for our market place and the needs of our students and client organizations. Powering tens of thousands of learning environments globally, Moodle is trusted by institutions and organizations large and small, including Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York, Microsoft and the Open University.

Moodle’s worldwide numbers of more than 90 million users across both academic and enterprise level usage makes it the world’s most widely used learning platform.

RISC OLMS is a feature of our own LMS platform that lets us configure and deliver customized learning services and content for each client's organization.

Below are some of the features that RISC's OLMS offers to our client.

Your OLMS will be themed to reflect your organization’s brand and look and feel. We can offer over 100 unique layout and style combinations for the ultimate in customization to match your requirements.

The organization's employees can access it by entering "" in their browser's address or you can set up your organization's own subdomain directed to its URL. For example,

The LMS is loaded with all RISC's Blended Learning or Self-Paced courses as they are rolled out. These include

  • Professional qualifications from partner global awarding bodies such as the CII, the CISI The Institutes and LOMA
  • RISC Competency Certificate Courses;
  • Leadership and management courses;
  • Soft Skills courses;
  • Continued professional Development modules;

A full list of courses and categories can be viewed by L & D managers and employees. However, users can only access courses once they are enrolled on instructions from the L & D team.

Bespoke Courses

RISC can also create, and deploy on the OLMS, bespoke courses engaging employees with all the resources and activities that the e-learning platform offers. Such courses would be designed to meet specific learning objectives agreed with the L & D team such as company onboarding courses, regulatory certification requirements, product training, and continued professional development.

Knowledge management is the efficient handling and sharing of information and resources within a commercial organization. It boosts the efficiency of an organization's decision-making ability by ensuring that all employees have access to the overall expertise held within the organization.

The OLMS provides a Knowledge Management Module in which certain employees, typically those leading teams or having significant experience and expertise are designated as mentors. Mentors take charge of a domain module within the system in which they can create resources and activities to share knowledge with members of their teams or mentees who join the domain module. The organization's employees can be enrolled into one or more domain module where they will be mentored by the mentor. A mentor may have a mentoring assistant who assists with the administration of the module.

Employees  are organized in cohorts. A cohort is a group of students working together through the same curriculum. You can organize cohorts by division or department for example, Sales, Underwriting, Medical etc.

Each company can have as many cohort as it needs to order organize its online training.

We can even apply a different "look and feel" for each cohort.
The OLMS includes RISC’s competency framework that defines a combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities of an individual necessary for achieving results in a specific job or role in the organization.

The OLMS also includes learning path templates for each role that match competencies with courses offered on the OLMS. The learning plan templates can also be customized by your L & D team. .

our L & D team can then create learning plans for individual employees or cohorts.
Registration involves employees registering on the OLMS, obtaining login credentials and updating their profiles. Once they are registered as users, they can browse the courses on offer but they cannot enroll into any course on behalf of the organization. They may however enroll into courses using coupons that they are awarded or by paying for the course with their own credit card.

Your L & D team decides who is to be enrolled in courses. Enrollments are handled by RISC Customer service team. The process is simple. The Client L & D team sends a MS Excel spreadsheet with the list of employees who are to be enrolled in a course and the RISC customer service team uploads the list into the OLMS..
Digital Badges are a way for your organization to recognize achievement, reward participation and show progress.

Badges are awarded automatically to trainees based on
  • Completing whole courses.
  • Completing activities within courses such as online lessons, quizzes, assignments etc.
  • Achieving competencies.

Badges can also be awarded manually by the L & D Team or by mentors.

Once an employee is awarded a badge, he or she may display it on his or her profile or push it to their social media profiles or on the intranet of the corporate customer.

The Badges awarded by RISC are open badges. This means that they can be independently verified by any compatible system to ensure that they are trustworthy representations of their learner's experiences and accomplishments.
The client and users are supported by RISC institute's professional award winning customer service staff. The help desk can be contacted during normal office hours is included and participants and mentors can reach out to the help desk for any issue relating to enrollment, using the system as well as technical support.